Welcome To the Weinstain Lab

Exploring plant hormones dynamics

The Weinstain lab is a new lab in the Departments of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants at Tel-Aviv University. Our long term goal is the development and application of efficient molecular tools for studying plants development and adaptive growth. In particular, we aim to develop and deploy novel molecular tools to map the dynamics of plant hormones and unveil its role in signaling regulation. To achieve these goals we employ techniques in molecular design, organic synthesis, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and imaging.


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Open Positions

positions are open for outstanding and dedicated MSc and PhD students.
To Dr. Dnyaneshwar Kand for winning the 2015 Pikovsky Valazzi Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Congrats!
Welcome Inna!
Dr. Inna Vints completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Shlomo Rozen at TAU’s School of Chemistry and has now joined our lab to develop new chemicals for rooting improvement.
Good luck Inna, happy to have you on board!
Congratulations again!
To Dr. Dnyaneshwar Kand for winning the PBC’s Outstanding Post-Doctoral Researchers from China and India Fellowship 2016/2017.
Great job.